Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Advocacies for people who have all types of hearing loss

I noticed that over the years that Hearing Loss Association of America and National Association of the Deaf have worked together on many issues. I didn't see AG Bell worked with them.

Am I the only one seeing this?


Joey Baer said...

Agreed! I noticed the same and I think it was because HLAA accepted ASL openly. AGB doesn't. In their principles, they reject sign language there. That's why we are fighting for linguistic rights!

Anyone else seeing this?

OCDAC said...

The HLAA chapters in my county is very far from being advocates. It's more like a divorce club. I been to their meets. All they do is talk about living a new single life again. And they'd fool around with each other at parties. I thought they be real advocates when I joined them. Sorry to say this, but, the HLAA in my county is mighty close to being a sex club under the color of being hearing loss support group.

RLM said...

Joey Baer said right things about the AgBAD.

NAD was taken surprise by the AgBAD's tactics last Spring 2007 within the legislative bill pended in the House of Representative regarding the AVT issue.

NAD was kept in dark what the AgBAD was up to. NAD usually kept AgBAD in the loop for any legislative action. NAD treated the AgBAD with such respect.

At least, the AgBAD under the current leadership show its true color for the general public to see what their hidden agenda is all about.

NAD and AgBAD worked together in the past on the issue of captioning and other accessibility means.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)