Thursday, January 24, 2008

Invisible Disabilities

Well, I visited my first blogger on my list and ran into Lisa's blog about Individual Challenges and this is my reply to her post.
Boy, I can relate. When I was younger, I took piano lessons at the Boston School for the Deaf and then when I was in middle and high schools, I played in the band. I played the trumpet.

I wanted to be part the "hearing world". I am legally deaf but can hear almost normal with the help of technology called hearing-aids.

Anyway, my wife recently convinced me not to hide my hearing aids by keeping my hair SHORT.

I know I am qualified to have a disability card for handicapped spots but I declined because I know there are worst disabled people out there who needs them more than I do. Besides, I needed a good walking exercise so I often park way out.

We do have a handicapped card for our daughter who has major cerebral palsy.

Thanks for the good post. Jim :)
When reading Lisa's post reminded me about a website I visited awhile back and have not visited since. This site is called The Invisible Disabilities Advocate . Its an online support group for people with invisible disabilities.

I thought I share this before I go to my next blogger's posts.

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