Friday, September 18, 2009

Lost 11 pounds

I went to my doctor for my quarterly checkup. I lost 11 pounds and most of my blood work reading is very good except for sugar (diabetes) and good cholesteral is low. I have something I can work them them.

I have been walking on an average 3 miles a day now and it paid off. I am feeling great and I am able to handle my MS better. However, my hearing will always remain the same and that is losing alittle each year.

Have a great weekend.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Life and personal flaws..................................

I am one guy who don't like to admit my own mistakes or even acknowledge them. Sometime it takes me a while to learn from them. Often my mistakes have revealed for who I am and people will remember them. That's the saddest position of all.

I can only learn from a mistake after I admit I’ve made it. As soon as I start blaming other people (or the universe itself) I distance myself from any possible lesson. My mistakes were avoidable but my sequence of decisions made inevitable. Mistakes that are understood but require effort to prevent. The kind of mistakes that defines me and my character. I am going to have to start accepting responsibility makes learning possible and don’t equate making mistakes with being a mistake. I know that I can’t change mistakes, but I can choose how to respond to them.

Often my life is always reactive that are very dramatic, frustrating, painful, unrewarding, unfulfilling and illogical. What I need to do is put the breaks on reacting to mistakes by looking at the cure is being more diligence, regardless of the task. I need to stop putting off intentionally and habitually the doing of something that should be done. Maturity means acting responsibly; it means learning from my mistakes and trying not to make the same ones over again. Mistakes are a part of being human. I need to appreciate myh mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way.

"The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it." Alan Saporta

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Deborah Kendrick commentary relating to disabled

Mall of America's branch of Abercrombie & Fitch's case and I like & agree with her commentary: Disabled just want to fit in, and the rest of us can help
Millions among our vast minority dubbed "disabled" have acquired the status with conditions that cannot be seen. Diabetes, dyslexia, asthma, hearing impairments or bipolar disorder are not readily apparent conditions, but they are disabilities. People who have these disabilities -- as well those within the minority whose disabilities are visible -- long for nothing so much as to just fit in. None of them should be required to wear a placard announcing their difference and, if they or their caregivers can articulate a disability-related need when it arises, the not-yet-disabled among us should learn to tune in and catch on.

Upper Arlington's Tremont shop may be revived

Already, two Facebook pages and a Twitter page have been created by former customers wanting to keep the Goodie Shop in operation. The sites combined have more than 652 fans, followers and members. In Upper Arlington, 100 customers plan to hold a rally Sept. 27 at the Tremont Center during a scheduled auction of the Goodie Shop's equipment. And more than 60 "I (heart) the Goodie Shop" T-shirts have been sold.
More from the Columbus Dispatch

I am not completely deaf and sometimes.........

I have a hard time communicating tough issues over the phone as a customer with businesses. I don't have a TDD and tried working with them via computer but their staff are not the people I need to talk to. They use staff who are not familiar with business issues to communicate the issues to key staff which frustrates the communication more. That delays more which costs more.

So I have my wife who is hearing who deals with the telephone conservations. Sometimes, they won't talk to my wife simply because she is not "Jim" and my wife explains that she is like a relay operator but better. Most of the time they work but some business won't accept her.

How can businesses deal with the needs that hearing impaired people have? There is an awful lot that they can do in configuring those to make communication easier and better, and they do not do that. Not enough attention is paid to that and, as a result, they are struggling to communicate in environments that their best friend would not want to impose on them. They don't treat their customers as their best friends.

We want something that meets our need, and we want it to meet it now. We do not want to wait for months to solve that problem; we want to do it now. Because if you have to wait, they will cause us to lose our motivation, and it makes things much more difficult and at the end, the businesses wins while the deaf/hearing impaired customers loses while waiting to find communication solutions to solve the actual issue.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A quote in my friend's facebook status....

The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.

After reading that, I failed life's tests so many times. My own flaws have been revealed so clear.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lately, I have been walking instead of swimming

Due to schedule and lack of $$$, I had to give up swimming. In the past few weeks, I have been walking at least 3 to 4 times a day @ work and @ home.

At work, I have been walking during my 2 15 min breaks and 30 min lunch hour.

Don't forget, I do walk at bus stops at home and downtown Columbus in the mornings and evenings.

During the weekend and sometime during the week, I walk 1 to 3 1/2 miles in my neighborhood.

I have to tell you, finances have been tough for me since my work had a furlough which caused my pay to be reduced about $ 240 a month. My wife didn't get paid during the summer which compounded the problem.

We are cutting back our cable, grocery and others. So far, we are getting there. Even though I am an accountant, my wife and I are seeing a credit counselor so we can get a neutral and balanced objectives while working out the details.

I am losing weight (I can tell). My stomach is getting smaller and I am getting to have more energy. I will have a blood drawn this friday which will tell me the status of my diabetes and other minor health issues.

Will keep you posted.

Blog Tag: Central Ohio Bueinss Owners

Since I saw an article about "Handimamm" got me inspired to search for other Central Ohio Business Owners that are unique. I find this interesting.

I send Denise, the owner of Handimamm an email stating that I have added her to my list if I need something done around my house. Since I am Accountant and Bookkeeper, I can't fix things around the house. In fact, my wife, Carole is more of a "fixer" around the house. That article reminds me of my lovely wife.

She said, 'Hi, I'm Denise.' She said, 'But you're a woman,' and I said, 'Indeed I am -- and I'll do a great job for you.' "

The National Association of Women in Construction, founded in 1953 by 16 women, reports that more than 150,000 women have entered the industry in the past five years. Even so, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women still make up just 9.6 percent of the almost 12 million Americans who earn a living in a construction-related field. Article

Denise's website: Handimamm

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Whitehall, Ohio city councilmember might be facing

a recall. Petitioners hope recall will make fall ballot Proponents of a petition to recall Whitehall City Councilwoman Jackie Thompson are aiming to place the issue before voters on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Elections for Upper Arlington Positions on November 3, 2009

Member of Upper Arlington Council (Vote for not more than FOUR)
Frank Ciotola 4225 Greensview Dr., Columbus 43220

David DeCapua 2101 Yorkshire Rd, Columbus, OH 43221

Debbie Johnson 1903 Brandywine Dr., Columbus, OH 43220

Frank Milillo 2056 Zollinger Rd, Columbus, OH 43221

Vern Morrison 2333 McCoy Rd., Columbus, OH 43220

Mike Schadek 1537 Guilford Rd., Columbus, OH 43221

Wade Steen 2500 Sherwin Rd, Columbus, OH 43221

Upper Arlington City School District
Member of Board of Education (Vote for not more than TWO)
Robert M. Arkin 2131 Cheshire Rd, Columbus, OH 43221
Marjory Pizzuti 2158 N Parkway Dr, Columbus, OH 43221

Source: Franklin County Ohio Board of Elections

Upper Arlington, Ohio

Upper Arlington Arts Festival
Upper Arlington Supersite
Tremont Center
Lane Avenue Shopping Center

Ohio Association of the Deaf, Inc (OAD) and Deaf Fair 2009

History relating to Ohio Association of the Deaf, Inc (OAD), you will find it here OAD has 10 Board members and eight regional representatives who are available and willing to listen to issues which concern deaf Ohioians

OAD is hosting 2009 Deaf Fair Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 10:00AM to 5:00PM
at the Ohio Expo and State Fair – Lausche Building 717 East 17th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211

I plan to be there.

Deaf Women of Ohio......

Deaf Women of Ohio is dedicated to serving Deaf, hard of hearing and Deaf-blind women and girls in Ohio. Deaf women of Ohio want to make a difference. This organization began in April 2004 with their first elections of Officers and Board Members, and they have been growing by leaps and bounds since then.

SAVING MONEY in the Old Fashion way....

You can get yourself in a position where you’re not spending more than you make, but it takes commitment to stay there. Remind yourself every day that you’re not going to waste money and that you’re going to spend less than you earn this week - and this month - and this year. It’s all priorities and budgeting. I believe it comes down to desire to get ahead. There are many little habits and purchases that can be cut out of everyday life and will add up to thousands of dollars over the years. No matter what your financial situation may look like, you must prioritize your bills. Credit card bills and other debts should seldom come before groceries, shelter, or utilities. There is nothing more important than your family’s well-being. Dealing with debt can feel like a never-ending battle, but it's important to look to the future. Regardless of your situation, you can find the light at the end of the tunnel if you have the proper tools and support. Create a budget and commit to taking control of your financial situation by making hard decisions.
1. Money to spend on yourself each week
2. Money to put aside for your bills and regular commitments
3. Money for lifestyle
4. Money to save for your goals and the future

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Noticed your blog is not being posted in an aggregator?

A site that is an aggregator that gathers blogs from all over the internet into one central location. In computing, a feed aggregator, also known as a feed reader, news reader or simply aggregator, is client software or a Web application which aggregates syndicated web content such as news headlines, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs in a single location for easy viewing.

Sometimes they are not located where they should be.

Sometime, I see aggregators do not really work.

Financial Perspective: Spending Lunch Money

Let's put it in perspective; you eat out 5 days a week, at $6.00 a day, for about 20 days a month, 12 months a year (5 days x $6.00 a day x 20 days a month x 12 months a year). That's $7,200.00 a year spent on lunch.

Now, what would you do with $7,200 if you didn't buy any lunch?

I would pay off the debts.

Blood Test May Predict Course Of MS

Scientists have discovered a blood test that could predict the course of multiple sclerosis (MS), or even indicate who is likely to develop the condition after a first MS-like attack.
The results of the study suggest that differing antibody levels produced in response to the common virus Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), may predict the course of MS.

Gov't bill would make Internet more accessible for disabled via real-time texting, closed captioning

A new bill will aim to make content on the Internet more friendly to those with disabilities

HSBC agrees to nationwide deal to help blind and deaf dispute credit card charges

A national credit card company has agreed to do a better job serving customers who are blind or deaf after it told a vision-impaired New Yorker she had to complete a written form to dispute a charge.